How to… and what to… EAT?


This is the most important step that cannot be missed before you plan to start your weight-loss episodes. Read more for interesting facts about this topic and definitely not the routine list that you’d find on the internet.

Prepare your mind for the challenge

How to decide

Always start off with the vegetables or fruits that you like the most( or just okay with). Consume it for a week so that you get accustomed with eating healthy and of-course enjoying them to some extent.

Try selecting foods that are less in calorie, rich in proteins, fibers and nutrients. (Not necessary you know them all, try Google).The most important thing to remember ~ Do not select the one that you hate to eat.

Every person would have one or the other such food item that is healthy and at the same time you might be lucky to say “Hey I like that fruit/Veggie” ~ If you find some try eating them for the entire week. Grab them and prepare yourself mentally that you are READY to eat GOOD FOOD!! ( Mind tickles ~Ahh!! Diet’s not bad)

The reason why I’ve mentioned that SELECTION of food is an important step is cause of my personal experience. I’ve failed multiple times when I just started off with a healthy diet and that made me hate healthy food. Yes!! Like most of us do,

> Open Google > Type : Foods to eat for weight-loss (Most searched line on the net)> A long list of food displays. (90% of the time its the things you hate).

You’ll be like WOW!! Here’s the time to get those curves right, to have that dashing figure/physique and all the superlative thoughts that your mind can think off. Yes, sentences like ” I’m gonna lose about 5kgs in 5days and will just stick to the diet and no cheats at all”. are pretty common. Not a surprise to me, this is how every person starts off, count me in. People with a lot of dedication or self control might be able to achieve it though and Hat’s off to them. C’mon we don’t fall in that category (At least not me :P). We are the one’s who follow the diet “STRICTLY“for a day or 2 or maximum for about 3 days. This mainly happens because your mind isn’t ready to accept the sudden changes in your diet and the hidden craving wouldn’t let you stay focused. This is how you switch back to eating your normal high calorie junk and then there’s another Monday that’s waiting for you to start off the process. ( Hehe…Google to the rescue)

Trust me friends, it’s not an easy task to make your mind listen to you in the very first attempt, when it comes to convincing your mind to stay disciplined and making your tongue control it’s buds, that’s the most troublesome thing any human can experience (Specially people who are big time foodies). Hence one day I decided to trick my mind a bit and ate the fruits and veggies that I liked. Below are few things that I started off with for about a week.

Mon Tue Wed Thur

Fri Sat Sun

My mantra to stick to this was simple. “Eat frequently, but eat Right“. By this, I mean, I kept eating one or the other fruit or veggie or maybe a salad at times or something that is gonna fill my tummy up and I made sure to drink a lot of liquids. After one long week; To my surprise, just by following something that I like, I lost about 2kgs(not a great loss for some people). This is the moment you feel motivated and would continue it for a few more days and would definitely get this into your routine.

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, Just take the FIRST STEP…”

Vitals in Numbers

8 hours

Of good sound sleep

45 min

Of basic workout

6 lts

Of liquids on an average


Of motivation that requires to keep you running in this track

Why You’ll Love this

You will have a good start and it would help you inculcate the method into your routine eventually and the strenuous things that you face in a normal “DIET” would not affect you this way because:

  • Quitting would not be an option
  • Self Motivated
  • Sustainable
  • Visible changes
  • Dedication to reach your target

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Excellent Kickstart”

Taking baby steps towards a difficult mission makes habits last long.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Love the food “

We are happy with the meal that we eat to boost our energy and to continue it without pressure. There is no force that pushes you.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Fantastic week”

Appreciate yourself once you complete a week of eating balanced diet food. Thank your mind and body for accepting this.

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The 1st difficult step

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Hi I'm Swathi Basavaraj! I'm a software engineer, small town girl ~ Hubli, Karnataka. Lover of all things, creative and entertaining, Night owl. Since graduation I've been working in the IT sector and currently in Hyderabad. The fast pace of life my work pushed me into made me a social animal. I am a happy, fun loving girl who doesn't step back to put my point out into the world, likes to make friends and a high calorie foodie (which made me enter into writing blogs about being Fit'n Healthy). I am a girl who is mad with herself and a photoholic. I used to be very slim in my teenage, which I thought would never leave me, but as they say.. "Nothing is everlasting". As a result of my Unhealthy life style, Food cravings and undisciplined regime, I started putting on weight, was diagnosed with PCOD(Poly Cystic Ovary Disorder). Now, I write blogs to motivate people in sharing my experiences and the mistakes I have done and the efforts to overcome the hurdles in weight-loss and maintaining the transformation from Fat2Fit.

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